Proyecto Muraleando

Check out Proyecto Muraleando, an incredible art space and project I visited and continue to work with in Havana, Cuba. The artist run and cooperatively governed El Tanque space, formerly a derelict water tank abandoned pre-revolution, raises funds using a community focused economic model where profits are invested right back into the project through the sale of the artists’ work locally and internationally. In turn, hundreds of children in inner city Havana receive free art classes and everyone in the neighbourhood gains the opportunity to participate in creative citizen engagement and placemaking. Todo es possible!

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Street Art Cuban Style


Earlier this year I had the pleasure of visiting Cuba for the second time. I was struck by public artwork at every turn. Whether it was imaginative and political ‘graffiti’ enlivening the streets of Havana or sculptures donning inner city parks, the creative side to this revolutionary nation was on full display.  Continue reading “Street Art Cuban Style”

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