Using Textile Arts in STEAM Learning for K-12

Putting on my librarian hat for a moment…

Art is often the neglected one in this acronym for 21st century learning known as STEAM– Science, Math, Engineering, Art and Math. But textile art is that fun tactile medium that everyone can join in on and have lots of fun WHILE applying so many other learning disciplines! I did a presentation for staff at the public library and then I taught a room full of librarians and other staff that had never felted in their lives how to wet felt with soap and water. It was all around enlightening and squishy. Below are the slides from the presentation and I’m happy to chat about this and help make textile art part of your library or school’s STEAM programming. I tell you, if I was taught math through knitting I probably would have been much better at it. It’s the application and hands-on experimentation that really makes kids and teens LOVE making through textile arts. Oh and it’s eco-friendly and supplies are inexpensive. Seniors were happy to volunteer their time to pass on knowledge and keep these traditions and their powerful learning potential alive. Happy textiling!

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